Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Kartik joking around trying to calm Sirat’s anger. She says you saw what Ranvir did, I was practicing, why did she interfere? He’s joking. He says I’m sorry tell me what happened. It’s a shame I fought Ranvir. He says yes you should feel bad. She asks if you’re on my side or his side. He says the two are not on different sides. She asks can you explain that? He says no, it’s your relationship, you have to talk, don’t give anyone this right.Ranvir goes there angry. Sirat says I have to explain to him that in two years everything has changed, my dreams and I have grown, the competition is fierce, the battle is great, he knows, but … Suwarna, Surekha and Gayu are washing some Pots. Nani comes and asks what are you doing? Suwarna says we have a bid today. Surekha says that newly married women keep this puja. Says Gayu or the girls get married. Suwarna says we decorate the pots, light diya and pray for the husband. Gayu says we sing, dance and enjoy the food. Suwarna says we can call Sirat, she can keep the puja for Ranvir. Nani says no, let it be, what is she going to do here.Surekha says you are right, it is our family’s puja. Suwarna says she is part of our family too. Kairav ​​says he can marry anyone, that he will always be my sirat. Nani thinks I don’t know if he’ll come or not. comes to Sirat and jokes again, she asks what you say, he says you want Ranvir to understand your heart why, it’s antaryami, every couple has fights, naira and I also had fights, we always talked and solved it, we always have solutions, the problems got bigger and bigger when we stopped talking, we parted once, whatever happens, don’t stop talking, Ranvir loves you very much, he will understand you, he will try, changing yourself, things can improve your speaking, if you get angry, he will be angry too. She says you always make me think straight He’s joking. She says I think you like to hitHe says no, save it for the ring, drink the juice, you need energy to talk to Ranvir. She says Kartikeshwar Maharaj is fine. He asks something. She says I saved that name for you. They laugh. She says that Ranvir is angry. She receives a message. He asks what happened. She says that Suwarna invited Ranvir and me to a puja. He says to refuse if they don’t want to go.She says if I want then … He says come on then. She says Ranvir is upset, I don’t know what’s to come or not, I told her all this. He says no, you didn’t say that for nothing, get ready to bid, I’ll invite him and find him. She says thank you very much. He says don’t thank you all the time, shut up. She asks him to shut up. He holds his hand over his mouth and apologizes. He’s considering contacting Ranvir. Sirat accommodates everyone.She hugs Nani, asks her what’s going on, she looks beautiful, Kairav ​​says, come soon, there is a pot for you too, Suwarna asks her to get ready and come soon, Sirat says, I wish Kartik would have Ranvir, Kartik comes to Ranvir Ranvir is resting on his bike. Kartik asks if the anger with this cold drink is subsiding or if I will find something else. Ranvir asks why you came alone, why Sirat did not come to ask for forgiveness. Kartik asks why you didn’t stay. to ask for forgiveness there.Ranvir says why he would say. Kartik asks why she would say leave this bike, it’s unfair, you will be responsible, my friend had an accident. Randir says I can handle it, there is a difference between drivers, I love it. Kartik says that Sirat likes to box, you shouldn’t waste time fighting, otherwise life will fall short for love. Kairav ​​says we’re happy when Sirat arrives. Suwarna is sad. It would have been better I know she is Sirat, not Naira, even then she is like my sister, I feel bad when she leaves. Nani says she should have a relationship with Kartik. Kartik says Sirat needs your love. Ranvir says I’m sorry, Kartik, I should go to Sirat and talk to her.Kartik says you have to come with me. Ranvir asks if Sirat is there. Kartik says yes, there is something else. Sirat prepares and comes. Suwarna pays compliments. Suwarna says no, ask him to do puja there. Everyone decorates the pot. Suwarna says she is tying Ranvir’s favorite handkerchief, it’s that good. Suwarna says we know, why else should we send you with him?Sirat says he’s really really nice, I’ll never be able to repay his favors. She prays for Ranvir. Enter Vansh and Kairav. Vansh congratulates her and asks if Ranvir saw you like this or not. Sirat says no. Suwarna says she will go today. Really ask Sirat. Suwarna says yes. Sirat is thinking about when Ranvir will come. Kartik doesn’t break the promise to catch him. She receives the unfortunate news from Ranvir.She thinks he should be coming soon. Ranvir says he read the message and didn’t reply. Kartik says enjoy this phase, do anything, fight, talk, but don’t get into trouble. Ranvir asks what’s going on there, you forced me.

Previous chapter: Kairav ​​asks, where are you father, I can’t see anything clearly. Sirat asks Ranvir not to disturb them. The car explodes.