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Udaariyaan Cast, Real names, Repeat Telecast Timings


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The episode begins with Satti and her family laughing and talking about Nimmo, Jasmin and Tejo coming, everyone joking about Jasmin, Jasmin running after Tejo, Dilraaj says that a slime has come home, he can predict the future, Jasmin says I’ll go ask him about my future Tejo says you have a loving husband, what do you want to ask? Jasmin greets Baba and asks her about her future. She asks if I will have my own house and car in Canada. Will i stay happy Khushbeer says that only Canada matters to jasmine. .Gurpreet says no, that he loves Fateh very much. Khushbeer says that only he, not his family, I think that with my mind, not with my heart, I will soon make this marriage, have accepted Fateh’s happiness. If I feel that Fateh’s life is spoiling, then Baba says no, your gift and your future are here. Jasmin says I’m going abroad. He says you are not going to Canada, there are many obstacles in between. Jasmin scolds the slime and asks him to leave. Yew and everyone ask what happened, Satti gives Baba food, Jasmine throws the food and she gets angry.She says that after my marriage I will go to Canada, no obstacle can stop me. She cries and leaves. He comes to meet Fateh. Khushbeer asks what happened. Fate says we’re going to Canada, trust me right. Jasmine says no. I trust you, not my fate, you know what happened to Tejo and my father. Fateh asks what I will do to end your fear. She is asking for evidence. Nimmo looks. She asks to see Pammi, Jasmin asks her. Proof.Fateh shows the date letter, Jasmine asks what happens if the company cancels this letter, he says no, she says, promise me, if this is canceled you tell me first, he says it’s okay, call Shreya and ask whether my appointment is confirmed. Shreya says yes, send the visa letter, we want you here in the next 20 days. He thanks you. Jasmine says I’m sorry Fateh, I don’t know what she said. Pammi says she’s stupid but she’s lovely.Tejo comes to find Jasmine. Nimmo says that one day Jasmine will ruin Fateh. Gurpreet scolds her. Khushbeer arrives. Nimmo says that Jasmine asked Fateh for a test, whether they would go to Canada or a lot, she doesn’t trust Fateh. Tejo apologizes. and she says a slime scared her so worried, sorry.


Colors TV is back with another new series called Udaariyaan, produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey, Dreamiyata Productions. The Udaariyan series story is based on a love triangle in which a girl named Jasmine wants to go to Canada while Fateh is a fighter. loves jasmine. There is another girl named Tejo who Fateh loves, but he doesn’t know. It would be very interesting to see how this story unfolds. The main female role of Jasmine is played by Isha Malviya. Tejo is played by Priyanka Choudhary, while Fateh’s male lead is played by Ankit Gupta. The Udaariyaan series begins on March 15, 2021, Monday through Saturday at 7:00 p.m. M. Replacing Ishq MeinMarjawan 2.

Udaariyaan Cast / Real Names

Name Udaariyaan
Main Cast Isha Malviya
Priyanka Choudhary
Ankit Gupta
Genre Drama
Director Arun Ranjankar
Producer Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey
Editor Dharmesh Patel
Kamal Bhattarai
DoP Raju Gauli
Concept and Broad Story Sargun Mehta
Story Mitali Bhattacharya
Romit Ojha
Screenplay Ritu Goyal
Rachel Navarre
Dialogue Rajesh Chawla
Executive Producer Ali Hasan
Supervising Producer Vivek Sharma
Music Kevin
Singer Gurnam Bhullar
Background Music Rajiv Bhatt
Creative Director Ankur Bhatia
Production House Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Udaariyaan Starting Date / Timings

Show name Udaariyan (उड़ारियां)
Channel Colors TV and Voot
Produced By Dreamiyata Productions
Starting Date 15th March 2021
Telecast Time Mon-Sat at 7:00 PM
Repeat Telecast Time Mon-Sat at 6:30 PM