Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Written Episode Update

The episode starts when Anokhi comes out and is sad. Ahir goes over to her. Devi and Shaan ask Shaurya how he’s doing. Shaurya asks where Anokhi is. Aastha will call Anokhi. Devi says we’re taking Shaurya home, we’re calling a doctor home. Aastha hugs Anokhi and says thank you for saving Shaurya’s life. You are brave, come with me, you should be there. Anokhi says no, he’s with the family, I should be here. Shaan and Yash take Shaurya outside. Shaurya sees Anokhi and leaves. to her.Shagun brings the car to the center and stops Shaurya. Shagun takes Shaurya with him. He stops Shagun and says I’m fine. He’s going to Anokhi. He falls. They all hold it. Anokhi is crying. Shaurya goes with Shagun and his family. See devi. Anokhi and says thank you Anokhi says don’t say you blame me in your heart.Devi says it’s not bad. Anokhi says it’s not okay, you lost your son, I lost my respect, you accused me of losing you, you got him to me. She leaves. Shaurya is resting. Devi comes and asks how. it is he who came to the doctor. Gayatri says yes, the doctor checked it out. Devi asks if he asked for evidence. Yash says they will test us. Shaurya says I’m fine, I just want to meet Anokhi and clear his doubts. Shagun is crying. and he goes.Ahir asks Anokhi if you are okay. She says no, but I’m fine. They come into Babli’s room and see Vineet tied up. Babli is watching Vineet. Vineet pushes Anokhi and Ahir away. He runs away. Ahir follows him. Ask Shagun what happened, why did you go out. Shagun says before Shaurya kicked me out, I thought about leaving. Devi says you were so confident about what happened now before.Shagun says you were for me, I think now you are for Anokhi. Devi says I don’t like it. Shagun says you told Aastha that you were wrong about pressuring Shaurya. Don’t say you didn’t say that. Ahir runs after Vineet. Anokhi and Babli see Vineet run and follow him. Anokhi drops Vineet. Shagun says you taught me a great lesson, we mustn’t trust anyone. I came here because you said: I trusted you. You think Anokhi is best for him. Ahir arrests Vineet. Vineet says see you all, I’m a lawyer. Ahir says they know how long they will be incarcerated for kidnapping.The police take Vineet away, Vineet says I’m not leaving anyone, Dev asks me what I said wrong. I told him because I wanted Shaurya to marry you. Shagun says to marry him to Anokhi. He will be happy even if his life gets it Devi stops her. Anokhi asks if you are okay. She hugs Babli and tells him we’re going to do everything right. Babli says yes, we have to be strong. Ahir smiles and gives him dupatta. He asks if you’ve been to the police before.Babli smiles. He says you are brave. You greet Babli. Anokhi says everyone is with Shaurya to take care of him. Devi says that she decided that Shaurya will only marry you, not Anokhi, whatever it takes. Shagun thanks and hugs him. She thinks there is a lot at stake for me. Shaan says let him sleep, he will be weak for a few days, we have to take care of him. Aastha is crying. Shaan comforts her and says that Shaurya is fine, that he is with us.She says i will go. He is asking you not to worry. She says she will be uncomfortable meeting Anokhi. Anokhi is sleeping. Babli says she was tired, that she was sleeping, that she will have her own questions when she wakes up about what happened there. Ahir says that Shaurya wanted to meet her and felt bad. She says poor Anokhi. He says he’s very brave. Babli says that if a thing is hit repeatedly, it breaks, should it not be done with his courage. there for you.She says we have to keep her away from Shaurya. He says yes, she saved Shaurya, her family accused her, they can do anything, they arranged their engagement without her wish, it can happen whenever she wants, it’s her life, her choice. He goes. Babli prays for Anokhi.

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Devi acts badly and makes Shaurya commit to Shagun. Shaurya meets Anokhi and fills Sindoor in his maang.