Shaheer Sheikh Spills The Beans About His Family Planning

Shahir Sheikh talks about family planning Shahir Sheikh is a name that needs no introduction. The name became a household name because it brought some majestic characters to life. Due to the return, the past few days have not just been news. Pyar Ke Ice Bhi is dating Erica Fernandez, but she is not only talking about her performance, but also about her marriage to Ruchikka Kapoor.
The media welcomes them looking forward to the report of their first child. In a recent interview with The Times of India, Sehir began to talk about married life, recordings, and so on. Ask him about the date, it should be June. The actor said he was cancelled and he lost two close relatives with COVID-19, which made him very scared.
However, he added that he wants his parents to come to Mumbai, but is not sure whether it is safe for them to travel. Fat wedding, although parents want to be with them, she likes simple things.Regarding reports that both people are looking forward to their first child, the actor said: “Let’s not talk about it. It’s too early to comment.” In order to explore other media, the actor said that he works in television. He has played a role on TV for ten years, because he has time to create, rehearse and keep in touch with the masses. He said he still missed his units Kuch Rang Piar (Kuch Rang Piar) Ke Ais Bhi and Ye Rishtei Hai Pyaar Ke added: “This is the connection they can only make when they work together for 12 hours a day.
I I feel that TV actors have very little social life because we are very busy with work. Regarding work, Shahir said that he was worried about the conference being cancelled and people tested positively, but he added that the performance puts people in the current situation and he is happy to see the creation The author did a very good job.He also feels that he lives by acting, and no matter what the situation is, he always believes that he will do his best.