Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Episode Update

Gehna and Anant’s heads collide. She drops the divorce papers. They bow immediately and hit their heads again. She collects papers. He says she brought signed divorce papers with her. She did not choose this relationship and it is in her blood and breath now. When she leaves, it means that she is leaving her body and soul. So it is not possible until she lives. She continues that she was something before and after marriage. , changed her completely, showed her her dreams, made her self-sufficient and fought for injustice etc .; She just wants to say that Radhika is not suitable for him and his family when she lied to him and made him bow his head in embarrassment. She says that she is still his wife and will do anything to protect him and his family from the evil. Eyes; He returns the papers and walks away saying she won’t get a divorce from him. He believes that he never realized that Radhika’s intentions were wrong, now he will do what is good for him and Gehna.Radhika believes everything is going according to her plan, but Gehna can try not to divorce Anant and she won’t let that happen. Anant comes in angry and screams that he cheated on him by lying that Vinit tortured him and was a bad husband. Now he will reveal his true colors in front of everyone. He drags her into the family. She asks to be heard once. He says that everyone will listen and that Radhika cheated on them all and lied to them with a prepared story about her husband. She says that she only caught him because she loves him very much. He’s screaming to stop lying and now he’s going to punish her for betraying, hurting and more punishing for lying about her innocent husband. and throw them out of the house. Gehna colors her hands black and walks over to her. He’s asking you not to do that.He says with a black heart and bad intentions his face must be colored black. Tia supports him. She wakes up and realizes that it was her dream and she worries unnecessarily, she knows that Anant believes her blindly. Kanak mocks Gehna for having great difficulty becoming Ms. Surat and passing her bachelor’s degree but getting divorce papers with all her efforts; She can go back to work as a maid after the divorce and stay here for food, clothes and shelter. Tia gets angry when she hears his teasing. A man rings the doorbell and says he is from a modeling agency and has brought a modeling job for Ms. Deesai with him. This is for you. The man says it is for Mrs. Kanak Desai.Tia teases Kanak. Gehna says she doesn’t need any offers. The man says that it is a golden opportunity for her and that she will be very famous. Kanak teases that Gehna has marital problems, so she doesn’t accept the offer. Gehna stops them and sends them. Kanak yells at him to keep his frustration on her. Gehna says Kanak is frustrated instead. Kanak believes that if Anant breaks up with Gehna and accepts Radhika, it will be a greater punishment for her. Gehna. Anant furiously breaks things in Radbhika’s room and tells her that Gehna refused to sign the divorce papers, everyone is against it. He bangs his head against the wall and asks Gehna to inform Vinit and apply for a divorce.Radhika says she informed him, but he refused to divorce her. He says let’s go away then as no one will accept their relationship. She says you will find it easily. He says he left his family for them and asks what he can do for them. She says she can do anything for him. He takes her out on the terrace and says that Gehna and Vinit will not get a divorce. So if they can’t live together, they should die and be together forever. She freaks out and asks him what he’s saying. He says he made a decision and if they can’t live together they will have to commit suicide and band together forever. He climbs on the railing and asks you to jump with him. She withdraws and says that she can die, but she doesn’t want to die. .He reminds her of all the incidents where she tried to kill herself for him and he saved her. He asks her what problem she must have with him now. She says that when he dies he won’t be there to save her and that she will be done. He smiles and says he wants to hear the same from her. She pretended to commit suicide because she knew he would save him. his actions and his lies killed his love for her. He says he started to doubt her when he poured Vinit hot tea while she is acting like she loves Vinit. Your false love will be exposed. he wants to catch him somehow and when Gehna found out about his intentions and tried to inform him, he locked Gehna in a cupboard; caught her red-handed acting wounded, but ran normally towards him; She lied to him again that Gehna was scratching his hands while he was scratching his hands blaming Gehna. She hugs him tightly. He shoves her, saying that Gehna really loves him and his family, while Radhika is selfish and only thinks of herself, she should pack her bags and calmly go here.

Previous chapter: Radhika poisons Anant and believes that Anant will realize that he should have accepted Radhika instead of dying. When traveling with the family, Gehna senses that something is wrong and tells Baa that they should come home soon.