RadhaKrishn Written Episode Update

Radhika believes that Hanumanji has Ashtisiddhi and Naunidhiyan and that even Parvati ji will not come to help her. What should she do now? Devi Parvathi feels bad when he sees that Radhika is tense. Mahadev returns to her. She asks him why he arrived early while he was meditating. He says he had to come, as Hanuman called him. She asks why. He says Hanuman wants me to inform him about Radha. She says no because nobody helps Radha. He says that Krishna helps Radha. She says it shouldn’t help. Hanuman as nobody helps her friend Radha and will not report anything about Radha.He agrees and thinks he’s in a dilemma, he can’t refuse Hanuman’s request and he can’t even make Gauri angry, he doesn’t know what to do now. Perform before Hanuman. Hanuman says he looks forward to meeting you after many. Mahadev asks why he called him. Hanuman says he knows about his challenge and Radha’s, so he wants to know about Radha’s powers and all of their secrets. Mahadev says that he is holding on to a promise and cannot help him. Hanuman asks what he promises. Mahadev says Hanuman cannot understand because he is not married. He can help him, but all he can say is that Devi Radha has a superpower that he doesn’t know about. Hanuman thanks him and thinks what powers Radha has that he does not know. Krishna comes in and asks if he knows Mahadev.Hanuman says Mahadev knew him and told him that Radha had a superpower that he did not know. Krishna asks if he can help. Hanuman says no as Radha is pious and kind hearted and cannot fool her, but she cannot understand what superpower Radha Krishna says she can understand her dilemma so she will postpone the competition. Hanuman says there is no need for it, but he is confused about what weapon Radha has since Pashupatastra belongs to Mahadev etc. Krishna believes that now Radha and Hanuman will compete against each other and we will see who will win. Sam gathers Dwarka citizens and announces that Radha and Hanuman will demonstrate their devotion. Radha enters followed by Hanuman entering with Krishna. Sam says that both opponents face each other and their knowledge and intelligence. it will show who the superior devotee is. Krishna addresses the citizens by telling them that they know they consider Radha a superior devotee, but that they should give Hanuman a fair chance and see if they can learn something from him.Laxmana tells Sam that she is concerned that Radha will win. Sam asks him not to worry as Hanuman is very strong. Krishna asks Hanuman if he is tense. Hanuman says no because his Prabhu Ram is there for him. Krishna says let’s get started. The guard informs Balram that the Radha and Hanuman devotional contest has begun. Balram believes that he cannot get out of this room because of laxman rekha and tells Krishna that he wants to get out of here and watch the competition. Worry as you have Divyadrishti / Divine Vision to see the competition from right there. Balram says he forgot the event and saw that he think Radha looks very confident and will surely defeat Hanuman. Seeing this, Gauri asks Mahadev how Radha can defeat HanumanMahadev says that Krishna organized this competition because he wants to convey a special message to the world through the competition of Hanuman and Radha. Gauri asks him what Krishna is trying to prove with this competition. He wants to enjoy the devotion of Radha and Hanuman. Krishna asks Hanuman to test his devotion first, Hanuman says that all his powers come from his Prabhu Sri Ram, he takes on his gigantic form and says that he can do this since the entire universe is in his Prabhu Sri Ram . Gauri’s audience tells Mahadev that Hanuman is right. Hanuman says that because of his animasiddhi, it can become a tiny shape that, with Prabhu’s blessings, can become smaller than an atom, and no one can see it with the naked eye. and urge all the powerful people there to try to move their foot.He takes the name Prabhu Ram and asks Nishant to try first. Nishant and then Ulmukh cannot even move their leg. Sam tries the next one and fails. Balram believes that Hanuman has been shown to be very strong. Hanuman says that this power is due to Garima Siddhi given by their prabhu, so they cannot even shake their leg. Krishna believes that Hanuman presents Radha with a more difficult challenge. Let’s see how she will show that her devotion is superior.

Previous chapter: Sam tells Laxmana that Hanuman is very powerful, but that they will take Karmaphal’s data and help Shani defeat Radha. Krishna becomes tense when he sees the arrival of Shani.