Pandya Store Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Krish asking Rishita to stand up, he’s Krish … Dhara calls Rishita. Krish says you can catch me, sorry. He runs away. Dhara comes and is surprised to see Rishita. She asks what happened, how did you get there? Here Rishita faints, Dhara screams Gautam, Shiva sees Raavi walking, is worried, Krish runs and collides with Raavi.They both fall off. Raavi is surprised to see him in a sari. Dev goes to Rishita and asks what happened. She becomes conscious. She hugs him. Dhara says that maybe he was scared. Raavi says it means Rishita is scared of you. Krish says I’ll explain later, let me go now. He is surprised to see Gautam. Gautam gets angry and asks what this is for Krish.He asks Krish to come with him. He takes Krish. Dhara and Dev are surprised to see Krish in a sari. Rishita says it was him. Dev says Krish. Gautam says Krish scared Rishita. Dev gets angry. He asks why you did it. I fought Rishita for you. What have you done? Tell me. Shiva comes and takes care. Dhara asks Raavi to take care of Rishita.Dhara takes a stick and hits Krish. She asks how you did it when something happened to Rishita … Krish yells. They all watch. Shiva asks Gautam to stop Dhara. Gautam asks Dhara to stop him. Dev says stop. says no one will come between us. Shiva gets in the way and says it wasn’t Krish’s fault that it happened because of me. They all watch it. Dhara says that if you are also involved, then I will not go either. you why did you do thatGautam tells him to stop. She says don’t you dare to come between us? She also beats Shiva. She asks why you did that, I want an answer. Dev asks Gautam to stop Dhara, they will endure the beating in silence. Dhara says she won’t stop now, she is very angry. The stick breaks, Dhara asks Krish to pick up the stick and give it to him. Krish gives him the stick. She beats Shiva and Krish.Krish says you can hit us, Rishita always insulted you, we couldn’t stop her. Shiva says he’s right, Rishita hasn’t done anything good so far, she always insulted you and Gautam, she didn’t accept this family. Dhara says you know Rishita is your bhabhi, not your childhood friend or sister. Shiva says she is Dev’s wife. Dhara asks who Dev is. He says my brother. She says that your older brother Rishita is for you. He says bhabhi. She says they will call them both bhabhi, don’t take her name. She asks Krish to simply refer to Rishita as Bhabhi.She throws the sticks. They cry. Dev feels bad for her. Dhara asks her to apologize to Rishita. You sit on your knees and cross your hands. You apologize to Rishita. Rishita cries and hugs Dev. Shiva and Krish apologize to Dhara and Gautam. Gautam stops Dhara. Dhara says I’m fed up with you all, I’m trying to keep you all together, you all want to be crushed, then crushed, I don’t I don’t know Come closer to me, they all have a problem with each other. Okay so I’ll decide that you won’t stay with me until we stay here together.Shiva says but … she screams, stay away Shiva, stay away, make your food and eat separately, I know well, you want to live your life like this, build your own house, all of you are not my responsibility now. Dhara tells Raavi, make food for yourself and for Shiva, he is your responsibility, give him food or make him hungry. Raavi says but I didn’t do anything. Dhara says that Shiva is your husband, right, you and Shiva. You are now the responsibility of the other, no one will come to me with complaints. She says Rishita likes having her own kitchen, her own life with Dev. Dev says, but I like staying with all of you. Dhara says both will stay away from me, Krish is my responsibility, I am helpless, he will stay with me, but I will hit him if he does something. She says that Krish, Raavi, and Rishita are my status. You are not a child for not understanding this. He says he is angry, it is not right to make a decision in anger.Dhara says my decision will not change, Maha Mrityunjay Jaap will start tomorrow, Suman can come at any moment, she gets hurt when they fight, you all don’t think about it, she shouldn’t know anything about it, otherwise I’ll do it Leave it to you all and also to Gautam, it is a promise to you all. Everyone is surprised.

Previous chapter: Suman meets the family, hugs them and asks Prafulla to see the happiness of four children and three bahus. Prafulla jokes with them.