Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali Written Episode Update

Pallavi wakes up crying, sees her and Sharda’s phone wallpaper and starts crying and screams in pain, looks in the mirror and says crying and cuddling don’t help, life is a challenge I can’t give up, especially in front of Raghav The Pain is just my pain and i need no compassion i am a fighter and i will win and Pallavi looks at his Shivaji Maharaj medallion and says i can, i will and i will win.

Pallavi goes into the kitchen, Amma says she made a delicious breakfast, has it, juice is there too, has it and it will help you gain strength, Raghav comes in and greets Pallavi and says that I will give you Maharashtrian dishes bought Pallavi from my friends at home, Amma tells Amma that I don’t want to have breakfast and go the next time I learn it myself.

Pallavi in ​​his room searches for water to eat pills, Raghav takes his water, Pallavi ignores him and leaves.

Sulochana goes to Vijay and gives him the loan application paper and tells him I don’t like you being sick. treated, here you apply for the loan and get a new business, my brother will help you, you have the right to live happily and Pallavi grabbed your business but you deserve luck, Sharda hears this and scolds Vijay for the loan application and says I don’t remember Pallavi always saying that credit kills a person. Vijay says I trust myself I can pay my loans and he leaves. Sulochana makes fun of Sharda.

Jaya visits Pallavi’s room and sees that the air conditioner is leaking and asks that the air conditioner be checked as Pallavi is already sick. The staff says the air con is ok, Jaya says the air con is ok. Okay, Pallavi may have been crying all night. Pallavi asks Jaya why she is here. Jaya says I came to see you but I went crazy and she is leaving. Jaya says I’m sorry Pallavi, I didn’t know you suffered so much. Kirti says that Sunny has not had a cup of coffee, Sunny says that it is only 9, Kirti says that you promised to reduce the coffee anyway, to leave me at home quickly, Kirti tells Sunny about Pallavi and Raghav and that Pallavi will never accept Raghav, Sunny says she has to do it one day, asks Kirti why, Sunny says I don’t want to argue with you about it, let’s not fight, come and get Sunny tattooed on your hand, Kirti says, talk first with raghav over us, Sunny says you’re late for the office, come on quickly, let me leave you. Farhad walks up to Raghav, Raghav says I don’t understand Pallavi, I apologized, I accepted my mistake by doing good, but she ignores me, I don’t like it, instead the fights were better, Farhad says, I have straight talked to krishna and she gave me an idea and she is sure it will work, raghav asks what it is.

Pallavi takes a shower and sees a sewing machine and saris on his bed. Raghav comes in and says you have to miss your shop so I bought everything I can for your saris. Tell me if i need anything else Pallavi looks at him angrily, Raghav looks at her and sees that Pallavi is leaving the room, Raghav stops her and asks her to say something, scold me, but don’t stay, give me your sermons, Pallavi is leaving again. Jaya sees them.Jaya visits Raghav later and asks him to break a stick, Raghav does, Jaya asks him to join him again, Raghav asks how it is possible, Jaya says Pallavi is human, how will his heart be easily alive? Jaya says that the heart of Pallavi is his family, says Raghav, but they don’t deserve it, they are angry, Jaya has sat down and so do you, you and Vijay are the same, Pallavi loves his family and when you have Pallavi happy want, get her back, her family back. Pallavi’s messenger Raghav checks his ticket for Pallavi. Jaya is surprised, Pallavi says that I am going to Kolhapur and approaches her with her suitcases.

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Pallavi tells Jaya and Raghav, you have your son and he, his mother, my work is done here. Jaya says you can’t stop her. Raghav looks at Pallavi and tells Pallavi that you can’t go, I’ll bring you back.