Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Roli says leave me Rishi. Don’t you wear perfume Shubhra says hug me? Roli says that’s old-fashioned. The trend is that we kiss each other on the cheek. Shubhra says oh god. It is so hot. I will ask papa. get air conditioning here. Chandrani congratulates on winning the competition.Roli says turn on the fan. It’s so hot in here. He says Dadi give me my perfume. Chandrani says it’s late. Roli says turn on the fan, I’ll melt. Roli says you are not ice cream. Roli says please turn it on. He says it’s okay, Shubhra says nail polish? Chandrani says she taught him.Shubhra is surprised. Shubhra tells Roli that mom told you not to put on nail polish. Roli says why don’t you put it on? The cool aunt says it. Your nails look so good. You always keep me from doing things. Look at my hair . She says no to nothing. Look how soft my hair is. He took me to the hair salon.She gave dad a big car. And dad’s birthday was so good. So many gifts and flowers. She is so cool. Shubhra Says When Did Aunt Ravan Become A Cool Aunt? Looks like Sitas Hanuman from my team joined the team, Ravan? Roli says you misunderstood them all. She is not a Ravan. She is very loving and caring.There were thugs in our house. He put a knife to my neck and was about to kidnap me. Shubhra hugs her and says are you okay? Roli says she stepped in as a wonderwoman and saved me. You stabbed her, but she didn’t. Don’t even cry. She is a great mother. She is not Aunt Ravan. We will no longer call her Aunt Ravan. We call her a great aunt. Shubhra is in shock.Chandrani says that he sees Shubhra as if she is controlling my son, that she is trying to control your daughter. Expensive gifts, food, makeup, toys. Roli is a girl. Heart. That’s why I came to you. I need you. We have to make it clear to her who is right for her. She is your shadow. Nobody can take it away from you.Remove the shadow from Samaira de Roli. Shubhra says that I will keep them away from evil eyes and evil people.

Scene 2

Madhura says you did well. She is a black magician. Chandrani says she is a witch. Madhura says why do you always have to be bitter? He says Shubhra wanted to bring the two children here. But you kept Roli there to win your son’s heart.He hasn’t changed and we lost Roli too. Chandrani says you are right. He says your promises failed. You couldn’t take care of Roli. You have no control over your child. He is controlled by a woman. Madhura says enough. He says why You said you would bring your son back. Chandrani says I made a mistake.He says all of your justifications will be to save your son. He goes. Madhura apologizes. He is bitter but has a pure heart. He has planned a family vacation for Shubhra’s victory. Roli is coming, you should come too. He will speak to Roli. I could fix things. I want to see Shubhra happy. Chandrani says I’ll come and fix whatever I can.Scene 3 Shubhra tells Roli, look which one I made your favorite. Roli says aalu k parathay? Shubhra says yes, your favorite. She says eww it’s so oily. Do you want me to get fat? Where are my juices and fruits? Shubhra says you speak like you’ve never eaten parathas. Roli says I don’t like parathas.It has fats. I grow. I don’t want to gain weight. Roli says I like fries, pizza, pasta. Do you know how to make pasta? Shubhra says that sometimes you eat noodles. Homemade food is the healthiest. Roli says: “No Aunt Sam makes healthy food. 3 4 kinds of juices, fruits, there is so much variety. Can you cook like her?”If I knew you’d make parathas, I’d order pizza online. Rishi stands up. Shubhra tells him to sit down. Shubhra says we can make pizza at home. You know mommy’s pizza. Roli says the pizza Aunt Sam orders has plenty of it. Shubhra says eat this now, then we’ll order whatever you two like tomorrow. Roli says I’m not staying here tomorrow. I’ll call Samaira’s aunt and call the driver. I’m very bored here.I have so many games there. I want to call Samaira’s aunt now. Roli picks up the phone. Shubhra says you’ve gotten so brave. Roli says give me the phone. Shubhra says no. Roli says I want to speak to her now. .Roli says she’ll listen to everything I say. Shubhra drags her away and says sit down here and eat. Roli tosses the plate and says I won’t eat.I’ll ask Samaira’s aunt. She’ll get me a new phone. Who are you to stop me Shubhra is surprised. Shubhra says: Is that how you talk to elders? Roli says I’ve grown too. Not like in those comic dishes. Samaira’s aunt has such good dishes. I don’t want to stay here. I want to go home.Chandrani comes in, Roli hugs her and tells her dadi that I want to go home. Shubhra says this is not your house. Roli says this is not my house. Where dad lives is my house. Shubhra is surprised. Shubhra says this is your house and you will not go to the mummy.

Previous chapter – Roli says get your piggy bank out, we’ll run to papa. Dad loves us very much. He never says no to anything. You will be very happy to see us. Rishi gets angry and throws the toys. Rishi says papa doesn’t. “She loves me, just Aai. And she loves me very much. Samaira says whatever it takes, bring Roli here. Roli didn’t even want to leave. Biji forcibly got her out of here.”Shubhra must have made her stay.