Kundali Bhagya Written Episode Update

Preeta is in the room when someone pushes her from behind and tries to run away with the cell phone. However, Preeta catches them and they both begin to fight. She also drops her cell phone in battle. Preeta cleverly presses the cell phone under Sameer and Shristhi also hears the scream and wonders if Preeta could have gotten into trouble. Preta runs out of the room, Ruchika exclaims that it was nobody but Preeta. , Akshay’s mother exclaims what she would do in her house, everyone rushing to catch her. Megha is surprised to see that Akshay’s phone isn’t actually in the drawer and has been stolen. Prithvi opens the door and calls for Kritika, but she is not in the room. She wonders where he went. If she is still mad at him, he could be kicked out of the house and he made a lot of effort with her to get into the house for what can’t get out that calls out your choice. It’s a little different with girls because the first one is Preeta, who is really honest and she can’t even hit him when she’s angry. Then comes Sherlin who can even hit him if he gets a bit and the third is Kritika, he doesn’t know if she is angry then he has to make sure she is not mad at him because if she is not happy , he gets kicked out of the house, he has to do his best to make sure Kritika likes him and then he doesn’t have to marry her under any circumstances. Room with Pammi, he starts to apologize to her, but Kritika says that he shouldn’t create a drama in front of her, however Prithvi explains that he wouldn’t leave until she forgives him, he even kneels in front of Pammi and apologizes, Kritika Looks compelled to laugh anyway, then mentions that she’s not mad at him and that he shouldn’t apologize. Pammi mentions that he is really smart and even knelt in front of Kritika to prove her point. Pammi mentions that her eyes are really strong and that she can see everything. However, she bites it and runs away with the cell phone. Preeta comes to help her. Akshay’s mother comes to ask Megha who they are. Megha opens the veil to find out that they are Preeta and Shristhi. Megha asks what they are. Both do in the house, Ruchika also asks the two not to irritate Megha, since she is pregnant. Shristhi asks why she is so concerned even when she came with them to witness Megha. Ruchika exclaims that she actually witnessed Megha, but in court they found she was wrong and returned. Shristhi and Preeta try to explain that they haven’t ruined anything other than the desire to find the real killer, and that’s why they came to look for her Preeta asks Megha in the form of the killer’s real name because she has his cell phone with it she knows the name of the murderer. Megha tries to act and says everyone is blaming her. She cries and bows to Akshay’s mother, saying that she is accusing Preeta trying to explain it, but she tells Pammi in the room that she knows a secret about Prithvi. Kritika is also concerned when Pammi explains that the secret is that Prithvi makes everything fall into his trap because of his good looks and therefore he can get anyone to do their job, Prithvi is scared and then Kritika is relieved, Suresh calls Pammi to leave, Prithvi hugs Kritika, but is very angry and thinks he must do everything he can to take care of Pammi because she is getting on his nerves. Kritika asks him why he is so serious, because he always has to stay in a good mood because everyone likes him. Prithvi exclaims that Kritika looks good in her happy mood. She gets a call from Megha and thinks about dealing with her first after taking care of Pammi. Kritika asks who she is. Prithvi accidentally takes Megha’s name and covers it up by saying she is a worker in his office and he calls. Given his enormous workload, he asks permission to go out to ensure wou. When he comes back, Kritika doesn’t stop him from saying that she’s never stopped him before. Why should she start now? Still relieved to change and put his real dress back on, he explains that he was really uncomfortable. Shristhi teases him that Preeta asked why he could have felt uncomfortable if he felt uncomfortable was always mocking Sameer, Shristhi explains that it was just a joke, Shristhi exclaims that she created such a great scene but lost the cell phone because Preeta is really weak, Preeta places the cell phone, exclaims that they did not lose the test, Shristhi asks how he reveals to Preeta that she had another cell phone when she entered and it laid on the bed. When the other women entered the room they both got into a fight and she hastily picked up the other cell phone. Shristhi becomes tense and says that this means she took Preeta’s cell phone. Preeta replies that it wasn’t her cell phone, but a fake cell phone that she doesn’t have.

Previous chapter: Prithvi says that he didn’t send anyone to grab the cell phone. Megha exclaims that this means that a lot of people are behind the cell phone. Prithvi asks what he means. Megha explains that Preeta has come along with Shristhi and Sameer to snatch the cell phone from him. mobile Prithvi is concerned when he learns of the incident.