Kaun Hai Woh Qaatil Written Update – AvNeil Horror SS

Big Lies and Lies Udayville accepts Nandini and leaves the palace. Udayville looked at Neil, who was looking at him from the balcony. Neil turned away from her sight. Udayville wept and regretted giving him a chance. One day and twelve hours later, Udayville and Nandini arrived in Manali secretly with the help of his Naglock friends, took them to a special cave, and recited the statue of Shiva in the form of a waterfall. Mantra. appear.

Udaivir performs tandav by placing Nandini’s body on the ground. Due to his dancing, Naagloka’s angel “Apsara” appeared in front of him. Apsara-“Your dedication has left a deep impression on me. But you are not naughty. How did you do it? “Come here? Udayville yelled, “I know I am not naag, but I need your help.

My previous life was naag. I understand you and how I got here. Please, we must avenge us “Apsara-” Apsara will not achieve nothing Desire for price.Udayville-“I can pay any price. We just need to fulfill our revenge and want to end our obligations. For this, we must all live. Apsara believes that we don’t want the revenge to last too long. With a smile:” But destiny has its own plan, Udayville. Apsara-“What do you want? Udaivir-“You must temporarily bring Nandini back to life. After the revenge is complete, Nandini and I will die peacefully.

Apsara-“I will revive Nandini, but only for 7 days. You must complete the revenge within 7 days. Otherwise, the consequences will be worse. Udaivir promised the same. Apsara resurrected Nandini. Nandini regained consciousness. See you, Udayville, you. “Hug. “Twelve hours ago, Neil cried when he saw his sister Nandini’s portrait and remembered that he stabbed her mercilessly. Neil: “I’m sorry, Nandini…but you should be your own Died for misconduct.

King Rajville Singh entered the room, took his hand and pushed it away. Then he slapped him. Rajville: Why did you kill my granddaughter? why? You are a demon in human form. After speaking, he hit him again. “.Nil-” Dadu (grandfather)…” Rajvir-” suck! (shut up!)”Neil: To be generous, our beloved Nandini died before then

This Nandini is a traitor. She killed our family by mixing secret poisons. Rajville: What nonsense are you talking about? Blaming an innocent girl! Neil: No, grandpa. . . I only found out yesterday when I heard Nandini talking about this with a woman. Rajville was surprised. Neil: Nandini also spread rumors about me that I killed Uncle Pawan because of my thirst for the throne. But it was she who added poison to every meal. Rajville: But she was here four days ago.Neil: He has a lot of spies here. You may mess up everything. But I’m sure Nandini will do everything. Rajville didn’t know what to say.

Neal “:” Now, I will reveal one. other things. you win. Don’t believe me, but it’s true. Rajville stared at Neil in shock. Neil: Five days ago, I met a man on the hunt. He told me some shocking revelations. Flashback-5 days ago.Man-“Prince, your family is in danger. Your close relatives betrayed you by adding poison to your food. Neil-did you lose him? “If you talk so nonsense, you won’t do it for people’s sake. And stay in the world: “Dear prince, I’m telling the truth. I know, because I was a member of the Royal Embassy. Your beloved sister Nandini and her friend Alice are the ones who died. The reason. Prince Pawan. They put poison in his food. The poison is not trivial, it is so powerful that you can’t even find any traces on your body after the first second of death.

As a result, the heartbeat stopped beating. Neal thought: “We announced that Pavan’s uncle died of natural causes, and we did not reveal his heartbeat. How did he know Neil-but why did you do this? If what you said is true? Man-“Nandini is not Your real sister. Nandini’s parents are regarded as traitors because they have nothing to say about the rulers of the rival kingdom. Therefore, our king killed these traitors. Because they have a two-month-old baby. “-It’s Shivanya. The king wants to be raised by your uncle Pratap, because the king doesn’t want to be called an orphan. Prince Pratap calls her Nandini This is one of the secrets of the royal family.Alice is a relative of Nandini, and she revealed everything to Nandini in order to avenge everyone.

Neil-how can I trust you? Man-“You will believe me in five days. Neil-if it is not true, your head is not in your body. Human -” If it is true… Return to you. I promise. When Rajwell heard all these news, his anger only intensified. He beat Neil over and over again. Rajiv: “Everything is a lie. Nandini is my own granddaughter.I know you are the one who killed everyone…only because of the greed of your kingdom…Do you think we are fools? We all know how angry you were with Pavan when he took the kingdom. Who knows… Maybe Nandini knew all her plans and killed her. He called the security and ordered Neil to arrest. They arrested Neil and put him in jail. Neil: Please believe me. I just killed Nandini, and she is the real killer. Neil kept screaming, but no one paid attention to him.Rajville released Neil, but did not speak to him.

Neil was surprised at how quickly he was released. Neil walked into Rajville’s room. Rajville-“What do you want? Neil-“Generous…” Rajville-“I know what you are? You want to ask me if I don’t know how many days I will live on earth. After my death, you will be the only male heir in our family. From now on, you must rule the kingdom. Today is the day you are crowned.Be prepared for the coronation. After all, you must be righteous as a king. If you make a mistake free of charge, you must hide it. Even if I know that you did not know when you committed the crime, you did the same. Things.

Neil-“Please give me…please…” Rajville-“I see, my son…” Neil-“Why is crowned today? Rajville -” Neil Obey. Prepare for your coronation. *****Neil left the room to prepare for the coronation ceremony. Avni entered his room and looked at him. Avni-“Young and handsome Maharaj…interesting…” Neil didn’t care. Avni-“What’s your attitude! Don’t you want to respect your Badima?” Neil approached her, strangled her neck and said: “You are a shameless creature, who loves you alone, his enemy, even His uncle, these are all your wishes, and then you will look happily.

Avni gotangry and kicked Neil hard.Suddenly hefellto the ground.Avni-“Learn to shut up and stepon yourfeet.If you rise, you will fall.When Neil stood andheld his stomach with one hand, Avni left the room. Neil was crowned. They passed.After two and a half days (four days after the death of Neil and Rajamata’s mother)

King Rajir Singh and Queen Shanti died of cardiac arrest. When people felt that the Nile became king and queen became ruler, People began to protest against the Nile, which caused a public commotion.Several people died. Few people light a fire in the castle.

Neil didn’t know what to do. The fire began to spread rapidly. Neil looked at the man entering the secret gun gallery. Neil wanted to follow him, but he was still a pillar. Flames rose from the Nile River. He asked for help and was eventually killed in the fire.

The woman who covered her face and body with a black dress and scarf bravely entered and saved Neil. Neil regained consciousness.Neil-who are you? Where is Avni? I have to save her too, it may fall into a fire. Mysterious Woman-“Don’t say anything. He has escaped. He covered Neil’s face with a cloth and put him on the back of his horse. Then she mounted the horse and soon started riding.

The horse is here The river stopped. The Nile and a mysterious woman descended from the river.A mysterious woman recites the mantra, causing a house to appear in the middle of the river. Neil was surprised. When swimming, they both entered the house. The mysterious lady took off her scarf. It turned out to be Avni. Neil-“You! Avni: Yes, Neil. Neil took his hand and said, “Who are you?” Why did you follow me and how did you come to this house? Why did you save me when I was your enemy?Avni broke out. Avni-”

Now your whole family is dying of poison. Now there is a riot…”Neal-“Wait, how do you know about poison? Only my grandfather, Nandini and I know. Avni”. “I’m the one who poisoned everyone. When Neil heard the news, he slapped Avni on the face. Neal yelled-“Traitor! Why are you doing all thisSo what happened to Nandini… “Afni” Nandini knew he was poisoned to death because the poison was prepared by his friend Alice

I stole the poison from Alice and killed your family. Five years ago, I killed your father. Neil can’t control himself. He squeezed Avni and she fell. Neal was about to pick up the sword, but he remembered the romantic time with Avni. Avni smiled. Avni: I know you can’t kill me. Even in the dancing ceremony, you didn’t kill me.

Neal was surprised that he even knew that she had attempted murder. Avni: I know Neil. Even if Udaivir and Nandini will not stop you, you cannot kill me. Because he understands your heart and your feelings very well. Neil: If you want to kill everyone, why don’t you save me? Can’t you put me aside and let me die peacefully there? Why did you make my life miserable after my family passed away… “Avni”-“Family, what you said yours is not your real…” Neil-another lie…Can you stop. Neil knelt on the ground and wept. Scream loudly. Avni sympathized with him. Avni-“You should know the truth, Neil.

You are not the son of Prince Rajan, but I am the daughter of Rajan. Neil-“What! Avni: “The royal family seems to be noble to the outside world, and full of virtues. But they are big liars and idiots everywhere. Her uncle Pavan married two women, both of whom have daughters.But for the kingdom, he needed a boy, so he raped a mentally ill patient and she gave birth to twins.

One of the twins was killed by your uncle Pratap. He raised another girl by the river, raised by Mr. Williams. Yes, this is Alice, a friend of your sister Nandini. Without giving up, your two uncles raped many women and killed them cruelly because of a boy. Neil was surprised to hear all this. Avni continued. Avni-” Alice is the illegitimate daughter of Pavan.She came to avenge her mother and had the motive to kill the entire royal family. Neil: How did you get this confusion?

Avni-” Nil is Rajan Urmila’s wife and gave birth to a daughter, which is me. He has never given birth to a boy. King’s last expectation comes from Rajan, because Nandini, Jaya and Maya are girls. In addition, the royal family has killed many girls and women Go for his own entertainment. Because of the greed of the kingdom, Rajan replaced me with the son of the royal priest and replaced me with the royal priest Neil: What do you say? This means you are the real princess of Pataliptra. The son of a priest.”Avni-“It’s true