Imlie Written Episode Update

Imlie and Satyakam return home. Mithi asks where she would be if she fell somewhere. Satyakam says he buried someone. Mithi asks who. Imlie says he buried Babu Saheb. Mithi is shocked and asks why you did this. Satyakam asks why you saved him. Imlie says he’s my husband, he doesn’t like to love me, but I love him very much. Mithi asks if he kidnapped Aditya and brought him here. Satyakam says he came here himself.Mithi says the two are mad if Aditya had come here, she would have come for Imlie. She says if he doesn’t love Imlie and wants to break off his relationship with her, why did he come? Aditya goes home believing she is happy that she told Malini everything, but she didn’t think about her (Imlie). He believes he is selfish and hopes that Imlie will be happy without him. While thinking about Imlie and himself on his bike, he meets Mithi, who is worried about Imlie and Satyakam says that he is afraid to think about whether he will smile again. Mithi thinks Aditya may have come home by now. So why is she feeling uncomfortable? Walk down the street and find Aditya’s bike on the street and people gathered around the wounded Aditya. She screams when she sees him hurt and runs towards him. He’s asking you to open your eyes.The guy tells him he’s dead, Imlie yells at him and seeks people’s help to get him home. He tells Aditya, unconscious, that nothing will happen to him. He thinks you can get away from me, but not too far Pankaj approaches Aparna and wakes her. Aparna wakes up and asks if Adi called or called? Nishant says he didn’t call, if he went to Pagdandiya he should have already arrived. Malini comes and asks Aparna if they haven’t received it. Aparna says no and asks if she didn’t call you. Malini says no and says it’s okay. She says he never called her when he was in Pagdandiya.She says he goes alone and leaves his relatives in Delhi. She says it should be fine, don’t worry. She will make food for everyone. Pankaj says I’ve never seen Malini talk about Adi like that. Nishant recounts what happened on their date. Bhabhi is upset with Adi. Malini goes into the kitchen and says she should have called her family once. She’s thinking of calling him because she’s worried about him, but she can’t call him the way he could be with Imlie and I can. Imlie brings Aditya to his home, asks Satyakam if he is happy to see him in this state, and swears to God that he will not forgive him if something happens to Babu Saheb.Mithi asks Imlie to bring warm water, Satyakam tells him he will bring the doctor, Imlie asks him to cover his head as the police could be outside, Satyakam asks Mithi to take care of Jamai Babu, he leaves. asks you to treat someone. The doctor refuses. Satyakam shows his gun and takes away the doctor who is being held on video surveillance. Malini thinks calling Aditya seems very difficult now, thinks about her conversation with Aditya about getting a divorce. Procedure to start tomorrow. She ponders whether a divorce is the last option and decides where to go.Aparna comes and asks him to return with her mayka. She tells him that having a child is her ego, but she feels that her ego and support are breaking down. She says I couldn’t apologize to you as your Saas, but warns like a mother and asks him to leave the Sasural where she cannot get her husband’s love and respect. She tells him that if she leaves they will feel bad, but she will do it. She says my son doesn’t deserve you and cries apologetically. Malini thanks her for showing her the way and that she loved her as she loved Aditya. Aparna says she is sorry and hugs her. She promises that if Aditya realizes her mistake he will plead in front of you and then bring you here. I will greet you like a Saas. Malini hugs her, believing that she will choose Aditya, herself, and Imlie. She doesn’t believe she will return as her bahu and tells Aparna that her bahu will return soon.Imlie speaks to the idol of the goddess and asks him why he keeps Babu Saheb in danger every time he leaves him. He asks him to save him. The doctor tells Satyakam that he will regain consciousness very soon. She holds the idol together in her bed and takes her hand. He becomes aware and sees it. He apologizes to her and tells her I know to stay away from you. He recognizes his words and says that he has approached her. Imlie tells him that fate binds us together. in the name of fate. He asks about his head injury.She remembers that Anu attacked her head and tells her that she fell. He asks if Ms. Chaturvedi raised her hand over you. So you couldn’t stay there and endure all that was owed to me. Pain, just and nothing more. Satyakam arrives and apologizes to Aditya for his misdeeds.

Previous chapter: Aditya says that his family has to change his mind, otherwise he will change his home. Imlie says no, I’ve cheated on your family so far, but I can’t take their son from them. Aditya says I don’t want to take it away. all of them, but it will make you want to get your place in the house.