Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Rajjo spraying himself with perfume. Amma believes that she will somehow sleep in her room to keep them from having an affair. She comes in and pretends her heart is beating fast. Rajjo says the heart is on the left. I am very bad. Rajjo asks why he is acting. Amma says she will sleep here and lie down on the bed. Rajjo gets angry. Happu comes there and thinks Amma didn’t see me today. He thinks about falling in love with Rajjo and comes into the house. Bed.He praises her poems and wants to hug her when Amma gets up and hits him. She makes poems that abuse him. Happu asks what are you doing here? Amma pulls on his ears. She listens to his poems. Rajjo asks what the problem is. Amma tells them about her dream. They laugh. Rajjo says he can’t think of any other children right now.Amma said last time I saw the dream early in the morning and then these triplets came. She says if there are three more, how are you going to raise 12 children? Happu says romance doesn’t mean pregnancy and asks her not to worry. Amma warns them. that Rajjo won’t get pregnant again, otherwise she’ll leave the house, beat happily and go there, Kat splashes water on her face and begs herself to wake up, Malaika asks what happened, Kat says I want to sleep and says she couldn’t me love not. She says that when she loves someone she doesn’t get old. She says that she loves Kamlesh so as not to grow old.Malaika is sleeping. Kat calls Kamlesh. Kamlesh answers your call and says hello Kat … He says you will call at night. Kat says I’m not sleeping and you are sleeping. She calls him stupid, an idiot, and asks him not to sleep. Asks Kamlesh. Kat says the bride and groom don’t sleep or eat anything, they just have an affair. Kamlesh says it’s very difficult. Kat asks him to say goodbye and asks him not to sleep. She sleeps herself.The next morning, Rajjo vomits and wonders why he wants to eat sour things. He gets mad at Happu. Happu comes in and says you have an acha and didn’t tell me. Rajjo gets angry and asks if he could not say it. What happened? Happu asks if there is any good news. Rajjo says you have a number of soldiers. Happu says there is no way of getting old. Rajjo asks them to put their logic in their ears and says that you are completely romantic then this can. She says that when she raises her children, she will grow old. Happu says they will go to the doctor.Rajjo vomits and runs again. Dada ji reaches Amma and hears her reading Hanuman Chalisa. He asks you not to read it anymore. Amma asks for forgiveness. Dada ji asks him to have the party. Amma asks whose birthday is today? for someone to come and tell her that they saw bahu vomiting and that she had a pound of achaar since yesterday. Amma says she will read Hanuman Chalisa to see him off. Dada ji asks him to ask Chamchi. Amma asks Chamchi if Rajjo is vomiting.Chamchi says he doesn’t remember. Dada ji asks him to bribe Chamchi. Amma gives him money. Chamchi tells him that Mama eats Achaar and vomits. Amma is crying. Chamchi says that in the movies, whenever the girls eat tamarind, etc. The mother asks where she got her blackened face from, but her face is white. Amma says she will leave the house. Happu and Rajjo return home. Rajjo is upset that she is pregnant with triplets again. Happu wants to welcome babies.Chamchi comes over and asks why you had Dadis Achaar. Ranbir says Dadi is leaving the house. Amma brings her things and hits Happu. Put a comma after 9 children. Happu dismisses the children. Rajjo tells him that there was something bitter about it when he wanted him to like it. Happu assures Amma that they are not thinking about the baby. Amma says if you lie to me then … She asks Rajjo to keep Rajjo tense. Kamlesh comes to Kat’s house and clicks a selfie when Kat comes over and poses with him.Kamlesh says you ruined my photo. Kat asks you to click on her picture which is her boyfriend. Kamlesh clicks on his photo and asks him to stop. He says his phone memory is full. Kat asks you to give her your phone password. Kamlesh refuses to say. Malaika comes and asks him to tell her the password. Kamlesh says that nahi batawunga is the pass. Malaika says that neither of them has the qualities of a girlfriend and boyfriend. She says that the friend demands expensive things and that the boy has to meet her demands. otherwise he cannot be a friend.Kat asks him to bring expensive things for her every day; otherwise don’t come here