Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Episode Update

A man in disguise beats Tiwari and Vibhu, who are disguised as women, to save Tiwari. Teeka says an iron lady. Tillu says let’s three go and introduce ourselves. Vibhu tells Tiwari to come. I am bleeding and feeling dizzy. I am so grateful to you, you saved my life, I will not forget it in my whole life. Vibhu says that life as your boys is very precious to everyone. Tiwari tells Vibhu that you can come to my house, my wife will get dressed. Vibhu is surprised and says that after seeing her you will have a wife. It seems that you will have so many girlfriends. Tiwari says come to my house and I’ll dress where you’ve been hurt. House with which she disguises herself as a woman.Angoori asks Tiwari who this lady is. Vibhu asks Tiwari who she is. Tiwari says she is my wife. Vibhu says she doesn’t look like your wife. Tiwari says it’s Miss Meena and she helped me. such a lovely name, nice to meet you. Meena says I’m thirsty and asks Tiwari to bring a glass of water. Meena tells Angoori that she is Vibhu. surprised and says no, he’s not here.Tiwari starts insulting Vibhu and Meena throws water at Tiwari. Angoori tells Tiwari that Meena is bleeding, that she needs first aid and should bring ointment for you, and Tiwari says to hold her, don’t let her get near her. Meena asks Tiwari. Meena says she should go now, Angoori asks when they will meet. Meena tells Angoori that this question needs to be asked by Tiwari, why do you ask? Tiwari says eat first, then go away. Angoori cooks very tasty food. says I want to eat food you cooked.

Meena and Tiwari in front of Tiwari’s house. Meena tells Tiwari that if someone sees us together and they will talk, I will go alone. Tiwari tells Meena not to think so that I have a good reputation in this colony. You won’t believe I’m leaving you like this.Meena says I can help myself, I don’t want you to do it. Tiwari says good night to Meena. Meena is now asking when you will next see each other. Tiwari says whenever you want you can meet my wife Angoori who is always there. TMT comes to Meena.

Teeka says this is the first time we meet in this town. Tillu asks what your name is. Vibhu says Meena and asks TMT, tell me what you want from me. Tillu says we want to befriend you. Meena says no. I don’t want to be friends with people like you.The commissioner comes and tells Meena that you are right, friendship is made of your kind. Teeka tells the inspector what’s the matter with us. Tillu says what you have what we don’t. Malkhan says we have something that you don’t have. The commissioner says I have a car, an account balance, a house. Tillu says you have nothing and whispers something in his ear. The inspector beats TMT.TMT, starts singing and leaves. Meena asks the inspector what he said in her ears. tells Meena that it’s personal. I’ll tell you about it later and start flirting with Meena.

Angoori is sitting in the garden cleaning rice. Vibhu visits Angoori and greets them. Angoori gets excited and asks what the good news is. Vibhu tells Angoori that there is no good news. I’ve done a lot of things, but he wasn’t interested. He did well. Why did you sing Gazal? You should sing a little life. Vibhu says: give me one more chance i will make him mad at me but do one thing when he is there you will come in because he will not be flirting with angoori in front of you. He says it means that if Anu isn’t there, you’re flirting with someone else too. Vibhu says I won’t let him go this time.

TMT hangs out in the street and Meena walks past them while singing. stop meTeeka says we will speak openly now and that I love you. Malkan says I love you too. Tillu says I love you. Meena says I don’t love everyone, I just love Tiwari. TMT is shocked and Meena insults TMT. flirt with Meena. Meena insults the inspector. The superintendent says why you keep bothering her, if you don’t go, I’ll lock you up. Tiilu asked the commissioner what we did. The inspector hits TMT and they leave.Tiwari sits in his hallway and asks Angoori to bring some food. Angoori says cooking takes time. Someone knocks on the door and Tiwari asks Angoori to open the door. Angoori says no, I won’t check if you’ve gotten lazy now.

Tiwari opens the door and sees Meena and Tiwari is shocked and suddenly says that you are here like. Meena tells Tiwari that she was thirsty so I thought I would come here and start flirting with Tiwari. Tiwari feels uncomfortable and says it’s us. Not so close yet that I’ll share all of my secret with you. Meena says we’ll be good friends. Tiwari begins to praise Anu. Meena says never praise other women in front of another woman who is feeling bad and asks Tiwari what you are.


Angoori and Vibhu are standing in the garden. Angoori asks if you have moved with Tiwari. Vibhu says he’s so stubborn. Angoori says I have to get out of this house and go now. Vibhu says Angoori, yes, I’m sorry. Vibhu, you have to come to the police station with us. Vibhu grabs Happu Singh’s gun and insults him.