Pratigya 2 Today Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Krishna yells at Pratigya to come out. Pratigya and Adarsh ​​come there. Krishna says that you thought that only you could go on. I’ll move on too, you thought you were leaving me and I was going to self-destruct. He would give his life for his Pratigya, but that Pratigya has changed. He falls and Meera runs to him. Krishna says that this shameless woman does not deserve my love. I loved you so much that I never thought of anyone. I don’t have fewer girls around me. Your false love can be given by anyone else, but I don’t need a woman like you. He tells Pratigya that I’ve moved on too, that I don’t need you.Pratigya says if you moved on and are happy then why are you here? The truth is, you can’t believe that I left you, you’re burning with jealousy. Do you think I don’t care what you say or do? Krishna says that you are right, I can’t stand it because I really loved you, but that doesn’t mean that I will destroy my life or that of my family because of a shameless woman like you. So I found someone too, I won’t die without you, I’ll live with someone else, I’ll love the girl who loves me so much more than your fake love. He grabs Meera, cuts off her finger and fills her forehead with his. He says that from now on I will relinquish your place to Meera. Pratigya is stunned. Krishna takes Meera from there.Pratigya runs to the house and cries. Adarsh ​​runs up to her and says calm down, did you want me to keep going but I can’t stand to really see it? You have to be strong for yourself and for Krishna.

Scene 2
Krishna brings Meera to the farm, Sumitra smiles when she sees her, Krishna goes there, Komal asks Meera what all this is, Shakti asks who has filled her forehead, what it all is, Meera looks. Teri Dewani plays while Meera starts dancing in the rain. She imagines herself dancing romantically with Krishna, but it turns out that it is her dream. Krishna comes and drags her from there.He asks why did you dance in the rain? Sumitra says you filled her forehead with Sindoor. Krishna tells Meera that I did my best to make Pratigya jealous. You said I never made her jealous, so I did it to cause her pain. Méra is crying. Sumitra says: I know what Sindoor means to a woman, so I accepted you as my daughter-in-law Krishna. He will soon accept that you are part of his life now, don’t cry. Krishna will soon accept you so don’t worry. Unfortunately Pratigya is sitting in the garden. Adarsh ​​comes up and asks if she’s sure of that. I made this decision after thinking a lot, it has to be done.Adarsh ​​says you can wait a day, we’ll get reports tomorrow. Pratigya says why you keep hope, nothing will change. Adarsh ​​says you haven’t vomited since you arrived. Maybe the new drugs will work. better so I’m hopeful from these reports. Just wait until tomorrow. Pratigya says you might be right, but I don’t want to get false hopes so I don’t want to do this until today. They are all sitting at the dining table. Sumitra asks Meera. to sit with them and say that you are part of the family. Krishna comes there. Sumitra says that Pratigya’s place will now be Meera’s. Pratigya comes there, everyone is watching.Pratigya tells Krishna that if you really want to get married again, do it right, you cannot marry her just by putting your blood on her forehead. You will need a divorce too, she throws the divorce papers there. Krishna looks.