Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Darsh saying that you kept this state to establish Bansuri’s life, you ruined Shobit’s life, you knew my mother can do anything for her children, you took advantage of them. You will always be the culprit, I told you whoever made my brother cry, I will fill his life with tears, Rajvi screams that Nandini did nothing, he says that I talked to Vanlata Parekh, he kept this state before me, he had accepted this alliance, Nandini doesn’t know anything. Vipul asks Rajvi if he accepted this condition. Rajvi says I did that, Nandini doesn’t know. Namrata says you thought it was okay to ruin Shobit’s life, Nandini manipulated you, Rajvi says she didn’t know, Namrata says maybe Nandini sent you Vanlata, Charmy saw her talk to this man .Nandini says it’s a lie, I don’t know why he says that, how can you blame me if you were there? Darsh asks him not to speak to Namrata like that. she, she deserves everything you said, Shobit’s life … Rajvi asks where Shobit is, someone calls him, I want to ask him why he didn’t tell me he loved Charmy. Vipul says, even if you don’t know, then you’ve done wrong too, I didn’t expect that from you. Darsh says it wasn’t a mom’s mistake, we didn’t know Nandini was a great gold digger. Rajvi says enough, don’t say that, I blindly trust Nandini. Nandini asks why you didn’t tell me this truth. Rajvi says that in the love of my son I got angry and blind. I knew he loved you You would have refused if I had told you. Vanlata insulted me very much and refused for the alliance in the middle of the street.She asks what’s Nandini’s fault in it, you locked her up in the bathroom on her wedding night, what happened to you, it’s not my upbringing, where did you learn that from? He apologizes to Nandini. He says my son embarrassed me today. Vipul says you should repent who you are to decide for the lives of others, Shobit paid a price. Rajvi says he doesn’t know Shobit loves Charmy, he’s my son, I love him as much as I love Darsh. Shobit there. Chetan says Shobit cried in the pool with the photo of Charmy. Rajvi asks why you didn’t tell me about Charmy, I have to stick with this guilt, I wanted Darsh’s happiness, I didn’t want to sacrifice your happiness, Darsh asks why you made this great sacrifice, I learned the truth I can for always be happy? He says mom made a mistake to convince Shobit of this marriage. We made enough mistakes. No. Let me make a mistake by trusting Nandini. Why would Charmy lie, what is her enmity with Nandini?Nandini asks if Charmy saw me with this man, Darsh says no, I was locked in the room, Nandini asks if he heard my voice, said that I answered this man, call Charmy immediately, make a video call and Shobit says we can’t talk to her, she left. Vipul asks where she would go outside of India, we can talk to her. Shobit is crying. Vipul says he’s upset about your marriage. Rajvi asks who. It was this man who said Charmy badly about Nandini, did Vanlata plan that? Maybe Vanlata locked Charmy up before getting married, she kept this deal to me, she’s smart, she can do anything, maybe she asked this man to play a drama for Charmy. Come on Gunjan, Gunjan’s worries.She says believe me, I don’t know what Rajvi is saying, I don’t doubt you say Parul, but you already know Vanlata. Why did you accept her condition? Rajvi says she wanted to see Darsh married, she knew Darsh would never tell. Me everything, I could see how much she loves Nandini, Vanlata’s condition was accepted by a mother, if she had known about Charmy and Shobit, would not have told her, she did not know that she would sacrifice her love, she knew Vanlata wanted to marry Gunjan in a rich house, her path was wrong, I thought the girl should be good, I agreed. He apologizes to Shobit. She apologizes to Shobit. She says Darsh you punished Nandini, why? I trust Nandini blindly, she has kept my trust, you were ashamed of my trust, you love Nandini, how did you doubt your love? Nandini is crying. Rajvi asks how you believed Charmy, what is this love, if there is no trust, you never loved Nandini? I’ve done so much for your love, all relationships were broken. Nandini asks her to take care of herself, she is with her.Rajvi asks how long. Nandini says I don’t understand what to say, I didn’t think this relationship is just an obligation, it’s my fault when Vanlata told me you sent the shobit alliance for Gunjan, I felt strange, if I had tried Know the truth, then four lives would not have been ruined. Shobit says five lives, it’s my fault, Charmy is the fifth person. He cries. Rajvi says she didn’t know you would be exposed to hatred after getting married. I thought you were both happy, forgive me.